RTC-1000 Engineered For A Growing Small Business

Start with up to 50 Employees

The RTC-1000 2.5 provides your small business organization, with a quick and reliable automated time and attendance solution that will instantly control labor costs by impacting your bottom line with a hassle-free pay day. Whether your time keeping needs are basic, or complex, and whether your computer skills are minimal, or that of an IT expert, the RTC-1000 2.5 Universal Time Clock is truly a user friendly solution that is easily scalable to suit your varying business needs and resources.
With the software built right into the time clock, there is never a monthly fee and set up is a breeze, with no software to install.
The RTC-1000 2.5 actually hosts its own Website and is the only small business time clock, that can automatically calculate employee timecards without requiring a constant connection to a PC, server, or to the Internet.
To access employee data simply connect the time clock to your office network, or remotely over the Internet from your computer or any smart phone or tablet device.

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RTC-1000 Web-Enabled Universal Time Clock. Runs on any OS – Windows, Apple, and over the internet. Access punch data from anywhere, at anytime.

RTC-1000 Saves You Time

Reduces the time spent preparing time sheets, audits and reports. Helps settle employee time and wage disputes quickly, by automatically recording and calculating employee timecards.

Reduction of Costly Mistakes

Eliminates costly human errors in time sheet preparation, buddy punching, over paid employees, non-compliance and payroll corrections after a pay period has ended.

Saves You Money

Effectively managing your labor costs, by eliminating the tedious tasks associated with calculating and monitoring employee time and attendance.

Smooth Interaction with Payroll

Exports seamlessly to a CSV file and popular payroll programs: QuickBooks Plug-in, ADP, and Paychex Online Payroll. Free API available, that allows you to create custom payroll exports.

Product Highlights


  • Multiple communication options supported: USB, network or Web for remote access
  • Multiple punch options supported: customized PIN, Prox badge and Web punch
  • Enter tip, job number, piece count entry at the clock
  • Network up to 16 time clocks, 250 employee capacity, over LAN, WAN, VPN, or Internet, or manage as stand-alone clock
  • USB Flash Drive option for creating backup of time clock data
+ Employee Timecard Sample Report
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Where To Purchase

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Call us and speak with a time and attendance expert who can answer all your questions, we will help you find the right product. No pressure, let’s just see if ETC Time Systems’ Time and Attendance Solutions is the right fit for your growing small business.